Monday, August 24, 2009

Parippu Pradhaman

Another payasam that tastes exceptionally good is the Parippu pradaman. Though the procedure is time consuming and slightly tedious, each spoonful knocks out all your senses with its richness.


Split Moong dal: 1 cup
Jaggery (melted): 3 cups
Ghee: 4-5 tablespoon
Coconut milk: 1 can
Water: 2 cups
Cardamom pods (powdered): 1 - 1 1/2 teaspoon
Raisins: 1 1/2 tablespoon
Cashew nuts: 1 1/2 tablespoons
Coconut slices (chopped): 1 1/2 tablespoon

Slightly dry roast the moong dal until the color of the dal changes from yellow to deep red. Add water, a pinch of salt and pressure cook until the dal is soft. Add ghee and stir in well for about 5-10 mins. Meanwhile melt the jaggery cubes and pour this melted syrup into the cooked dal. Continuously stir on low-medium heat until everything combines well. Then add the can of coconut milk and stir well. Adjust sugar levels by adding more jaggery if needed. Add the powdered cardamom and keep stirring for about 15-20 mins. Payasam is ready. Fry the raisins, cashews and coconut slices in ghee till lightly golden. Add these into the payasam and garnish with a few slices of banana.


  1. Hello..first time in ur blog.Parippu Pradhaman lokks yammyy!!!am going to try this.

  2. Thats one payasam I like, and the uruli looks great.

  3. hi,i prepared parippu payasam for the first time today on account of vishu, and i followed ur recipe for it, and it came out soooo delicious!!!..i always thought its a lot of hardwork, blah blah...thanks to the coc milk available in stores, life is easier. your recipe is really really yummy!! thanks a lot!!!

  4. Dears
    I have no idea of the volume of coconut milk to be used. Cans come in different sizes, you know. Anyways, I am going to be using fresh coconut milk (thick). Kindly lemme know how much coconut milk is to be added, either cups or ml would do.
    Weekend's here tomorrow and I'm hoping to make this wonderful recipe tomorrow for my hubby, so would highly appreciate an early response!
    ThankQ beforehand for the reply :)

  5. @5ZA.. we understand your confusion about the coconut milk quantity. If you are going to be using freshly squeezed, Use 1 whole coconut which you should get approx 1 cup firsttime milk (onnam paal)& 1 cup - 2nd round (rendaam paal).We hope it turns out well and you can impress everyone in the family.

  6. i like your payasams :) most of them dont use sugar and use jaggery instead, thats a healthy way to make payasams :)


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