Monday, August 24, 2009

Kootu Curry

Black Channa/Kadala: 1 cup
Yam (cubed): 1/3 cup
Raw Plaintain (cubed): 1/3 cup
Turmeric powder: 1 1/2 teaspoon
Chili Powder: 2 teaspoons
Shallots/Small Onions: 5-6
Garlic (Optional): 1 pod
Grated Coconut: 3/4 cup
Cumin Seeds/Jeera: 1 tablespoon


Dried Red chilies: 2-3
Mustard Seeds: 1 teaspoon
Curry Leaves: handful
Coconut Cuts: 2 tablespoon
Pepper powder: a pinch
Coconut oil

* Cubed yam and plaintain can be washed in some turmeric powder and water or some curd to take off stains.

Soak the black channa in warm water for about 2-3 hours. Pressure cook the black channa in water with turmeric, chilli powder and salt. Once the channa is cooked, add the cubed yam and plaintain and cook on medium heat for about 20 mins. Mix well. Coarsely grind the pearl onions, garlic, grated coconut and cumin seeds. Add this paste into the cooked channa and vegetables. Mix well and cook for some more time. Give a seasoning of spluttered mustard seeds, curry leaves, dried red chillies and a touch of pepper powder in coconut oil. Fry the coconut cuts until golden and garnish.


  1. Have never hrd of garlic in Kootu curry....we (malayalees) do not use onion or garlic for any Sadya recipes.

  2. Have never hrd of garlic in kootu curry. We (malayalees) d not use onion /garlic in sadya recipes.

  3. Use of garlic is mainly personal choice hence its mentioned as optional. Whenever we make lenthil or Kadala dishes, we add garlic as it helps in gas issues... Yep we malayalees dont use big onions (veliya ulli) in sadya items (exception sambar), but we use cheriya ulli or shallots in seasoning or as a part of coconut base for some of the dishes like kootu curry.

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  5. Hi,
    I tried this kootu curry recipe and loved it. I've put a picture in my blog

  6. The recipes are really good and loved the pics as well.
    As mentioned in a traditional nadan sadya use of Onion and garlic is not allowed.

  7. luks nice...will try it out tomorrow itself :-)

  8. one of my friend made this kootu curry on our onam celebration....i liked it..i was searching how to make this....i made it from ur was tasty....i don't know about garlic but shallots are adding in avial with coconut to mke it's paste....

  9. Just stumbled upon this website and these recipes look great. I was amazed to see the choice of vegetarian recipes. For some reason I never associated Malayalee food with vegetarian options. By the way, what is nadan sadya? I'm Punjabi and totally clueless about what that means.

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