Thursday, February 4, 2010

Egg Puffs

Back home in India, you are sure to tumble on these hot buys in any bakery. Early in the evenings, the inviting smell of these puff pastries make sure you don't go home without buying them. So just to recreate one such memory, we tried an easier version of these Egg Puffs using store bought Pastry sheets.


Puff pastry sheets: 1 sheet (which makes about 4-5 puffs)
* We have used and recommend the Pepperridge Farm pastry sheets. 2 sheets come in one box.

Eggs (hard boiled): 2-3
Onions (finely chopped): 1/2 cup
Tomatoes (pureed) :1
Ginger-garlic paste: 1 1/2 teaspoon
Green chillies (chopped): 2-3
Curry leaves: a few
Cilantro/Coriander leaves: handful
Turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon
Chilli powder: 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder: 1 teaspoon
Chicken masala: 2-3 teaspoons
Pepper powder: a pinch
Saunf/Perinjeerakam (slightly powdered): 1 teaspoon
Tomato ketchup/Sugar: 1 teaspoon

Egg wash to brush
* You can make the egg wash by beating one egg with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar.
Heat oil in a pan, saute the ginger-garlic paste, green chilies, curry leaves and chopped onions. Sprinkle some salt and saute well. Add turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, chicken masala and pepper powder. Mix well. When the masala starts to coat the onions, add the tomato puree and keep sauteing until it all comes together. Add chopped cilantro leaves and crushed sauf and stir. Add tomato ketchup/sugar and give final mix. Adjust the salt and spice levels. Let it cool. Slice the boiled eggs and add it into this mixture. Give a gentle mix making sure the eggs doesn't get completely crushed.

Meanwhile take out pastry sheet from the refrigerator and let it sit out in room temperature for at least 30 minutes before you make the puffs. Divide the sheet into 4-5 pieces and roll out into a square using a little flour. Place a scoop of the filling into the center and fold all 4 sides like shown in the picture. Brush a little egg wash on the corners and the top side. Preheat the oven to 400 ° F and bake until pastry rises and gets golden brown. Takes about 20-30 minutes for 4-6 puffs. Enjoy it hot.


  1. Very true...I was also forced 2 make them at home remembering those bakery tastes...Nice Presentation...just need a cup of Tea

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you both and am glad that we all share similar passion for cooking.. Will keep peeking in to your space often.. btw, nice puffs... love the PF puff pastry.. they simply melt in mouth..

  3. Looks gorgeous. Great snack for winter too.

  4. mouthwatering and lovely clicks..

  5. Just like the ones you get in Indian bakeries..Lovely!

  6. Boohya, looks so perfect and heavenly am sending you my address expecting a box load of your puffs!!! ;)

  7. THose puffs looks amazing..that golden glaze is tempting more than anything..paniyaram's too look yummy,even I posted them recently

  8. Ooh love the spicy filling...puffs looks too good :)

  9. Puffs look amazing,so beautiful golden brown colour and just a perfect snack for guests too...

  10. Egg puffs looks yummy and the pics too .

  11. My all time favourite...feel like grabbing few rite now..

  12. Lipsmacking...with the perfect bakery-bought look...

  13. the egg masala itself looks tempting!!

  14. lovely..I liked the shape of your puffs..:-) I use pepperidge farm pastry sheets too ...

  15. Looks yum.. never thought its this easy.. i hope this pastry sheet are available in india too

  16. Wooow.. I fell like having it right away!.. totally yummy and beautiful pics.. goood :)

  17. Looks mouth watering.I adore your photography skills.Please do stop by at

  18. wow perfectly baked puffs looks so tempting...

  19. Oh my goodness these are irresistible. I would not be able to pass these by if I saw and smelled them in a bakery. Too too tempting!

  20. Very nice but I am veg. Can i make it with Paneer

  21. @Subhashini yes you can make it with paneer or any vegetables..

  22. Congratulations molu for your adukala.... the recipies are mouth watering and so tempting dat im going to try every single one .... keep posting moreof them... All the Best !
    Vandana - Concern India Foundation.

  23. mouth watering receipies . keep posting diet food recepies .ma

  24. Hi ,

    Could you please tell me which chicken masala tastes better..The Eastern Chicken masala or the Everest one...OR is it that you just used which you got from the indian store..

    I am making it for a dinner party...And i just love ur blog... keep coming with more mouth watering dishes..


  25. @priyaanil we used Eastern chicken masala which was available in our kitchen... any brand will work..
    thanks for visiting us and have a great dinner party..

  26. Hi guys

    you guys are doing really a wonderful job..u'll have no airs about your selves..when i read other blogs i just feel them bragging so much about their own self and when u try their recipes its such a big flop..u guys are frank and the recipes are simple and u can try them..continue the grt work yaa..


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