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Idli is no doubt the most staple part of a breakfast routine in every South Indian home. Soft and tender, these steamed rice cakes make a healthy yet very filling meal while the batter can last to make idlis for a week long. Its all about the softness that distinguishes a good idli to a bad one, so here's our no fail idli recipe.


Idli Rice: 1 cup
Urad Dal: 1 cup
Sona Masoori Rice/ Raw ponni : 1 cup
Fenugreek Seeds/Uluva: 1 teaspoon
Leftover Cooked rice: 1/4 cup

*Its most convenient, if you soak in the morning to be able to grind in the evening.
*The most important thing while making the batter is water consistency. The batter for idli should be semi solid while batter for dosa will be liquidy.

Soak the idli rice and sona masoori rice with fenugreek seeds in water for a minimum of 8 hours. Also soak the urad dal in water for the same time.
First grind the urad dal into a smooth batter without adding much water. Then grind the soaked rice while adding the cooked rice to make it a smooth batter. Do a final grind of both batters or hand mix it until very smooth. Keep another 8-10 hrs for it to ferment. With the temperature being so cold all the time we leave the batter in the oven with the oven lights on. Batter rises up as it ferments and is filled with air bubbles. Add salt to the batter before you make the idlis. Grease the idli moulds with a little oil and pour the batter into it and steam it in the idli cooker for about 10 mins. Your soft and supple idlis are ready to be served with hot sambar or chutney.


  1. So soft & temtping idlis !!!
    Love the 2nd snap..

  2. My all time fav breakfast item...Beautiful clicks...

  3. The little idlys look so cute :)

  4. Mouthwatering!!! Lovely click too...

  5. I never tried with idli rice....i can eat these any time,yummmmmmmmmm

  6. Oh man, same too blogged about idly today:):)

    Yeah, simply undisputed breakfast delight...I loved ur mini idly idlies looks cho cute:)

  7. Thanks for dropping by, my first visit here... Just excuse me for coming by late I had a great deal of catching up to do!!! Idlis look so cute splly the lil ones... nice pics!!! Shall keep coming for more!!!

  8. Comforting breakfast...Love those cute lil ones :-) Thanks for dropping by, see you often !

  9. Very cute idlies..looks so soft..first time all your recipes..I'm going to follow you guys :-)


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    First time here. Thanks for following me. I didn't quite get what your blog name was. I thought "why would anyone name their blog Goat-leg festival". Lol. Sorry. My hubby explained it to me. Nice space. Following you.

  11. Hi... nice idies :).. very very cute :), beautiful clicks!!.. I think its soo much fun to start a blog with a friend :).. nice blog! :)

  12. Idly looks yummy .I love idlys very much.Thanks for dropping by my blog. U have got a lovely space.

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  14. Excuse for being frank but the look of the idli says that they are not really soft.

  15. @Haddock.
    We really aprreciate your frankness. However we disagree on the softness of the Idlis:-) It was really soft..Please do come back more often and give feedback.

  16. hi girls - I love the way you both bring out recipes in here..Noolputtu is my favorite esp. when you have it with thibk cocunut milk..gosh thosse days of childhood I treasure!.
    tell me how do I take print of your recipes as I an not able to..ash


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