Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fresh Grated Coconut

Wondering what this post is all about..Well we came across something very interesting on Food network "Good Eats" some time ago and we decided we have got to share this with our dear readers. Using the frozen grated coconut has been our only option (for convenience sake) and sometimes not finding it in the Indian grocers can be annoying since we mallus need this for anything and everything.
Now, here's a not-so strenuous technique to get fresh grated coconut at your home.

Prep time: 20- 25 mins
  • Buy a whole coconut from your local grocer. (A tip to know if its nice is to shake and check for lots of water in it)
  • Pierce the so called eyes or the 3 spots on the face of the coconut with a screwdriver or just use your drill to make holes on them. Empty all the coconut water by turning it down to a glass.
  • Meanwhile, preheat the oven at 375 F. Make sure all the coconut water has come out before you put in the oven.
  • Keep this whole coconut in the oven to bake for 15-20 mins.
  • Take it off and just hit the coconut with a hammer. The shell will just crack open. Now pull out the fruit inside using a knife.
  • Peel the brown skin using a peeler and roughly cut in into smaller pieces.
  • Put these pieces in the blender or the food processor and use the grate or shred option to get fresh delicious coconut right at your home.

Wasn't that bad right.. So just give it a try!!!

Thank you Kairali sisters ( for the "Honest Scrap" award.

We would like to share this award with Homemakers Diary (Sayantani -an inspiring Bong mom), Padhuskitchen (Padhu ,the animal lover through edible art), Look who is cooking (open book for her wonderful pics), Will-O'-the -Wisp (Varsha,our neighbour blogger), Collaborative Curry (another passionate cooking duo like us)

Now, it's not enough just to grab this award, there are conditions and obligations in receiving it:

a) I must brag about it.
b) Display the badge on my blog and link to the one who tagged me to prove that I didn't tag myself (how pathetic that would be!)
c) Share 10 things about myself.
d) Pass the award to other fellow bloggers by visiting their site.

Here you go..10 things about us...

1. We are big TV buffs whose calenders are booked on Tuesday's and Thursday's for LOST and SURVIVOR.... husbands also included.
2. We literally spend so much time together we often answer each other phone calls.
3. Love to play board games and most weekends stretch till early dawn (recent favorite "Bang the Bullet")
4. We enjoy new cuisines and always in the lookout of new restaurants.
5. Have lots of great girlfriends who we drag along for shopping and hours and hours of gossiping.
6. We are getting ready for the summer in Seattle with lots of yoga and swimming.
7. Love to go and spend hours and hours in home decor stores.
8. We never say no to lunch or dinner invitations from our acquaintance ;)
9. Music is always in the background when we cook.
10. We are hardcore Fishetarians trying at least one new fish every week..


  1. I cant imagine my life without coconuts..he he...adipoli shot....

  2. ahhha kollalo...great post...

    Kairali sisters

  3. cooool..Thats one nice way to get out some fresh coconut..I've a friend who never buys frozen n lives on this..:P..amazing patience..hehe..
    Thanks a ton for the award you both sweets..I've recieved this n bored readers before with was good to know about you gals..we have many things in similar I,board games,home shud meetup sometime..:)
    where do u go for yoga?can u please mail me details at or please come online when free n ping me..

  4. Sounds like a wonderful method. A must try...

  5. Wow That's a wonderful post.Thanks a lot for sharing the award with me.Nice to know more about you gals.

  6. Sounds like a great idea to get grated coconut... I have been so depending on the frozen one from Indian stores...

  7. adipoli :).... congrats on ur award too :)... evide in dubai we get to buy freshly i guess when i dont get good ones then i will ur version for sure :)

  8. thats a very informative post. we bengalis use a different tool to scrape the coconut.this one is very good idea.thanks a ton for the awards its so nice of you that you thought of me.

  9. Wow, loved the post and the pics! Congrats on winning the award.

  10. Im so jealous of you girls..i long for a day where il have a girl friend staying somewhere nearby. My husband now suffers and is forced to watch Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City with me:)
    I once tried the same with coconut chunks(frozen ) when i ran out of the grated ones.
    Thank you so so much for the award:)

  11. Ovenil vekunathu shell vegham pottan ano ? I too buy fresh coconut and break it with a hammer..

  12. @Vineetha yes if you keep in in oven it helps to break shell very easily. Once the outer shell is removed, since the Coconut has been heated for 20 minutes, the husk has softened and it can be removed easily with a peeler.

  13. കൃത്യം 15-20 മിനിറ്റ്? 15 മിനിറ്റോ 20 മിനിറ്റോ?

  14. സ്മൈലി മറന്നു. :)

  15. Good idea coconut is a must in most of the south Indian cooking.

  16. wow what a simple and easy way to grate coconut.

  17. Thats a great idea to grate coconut:) Congrats on your award!

  18. wow, that's so cool!! I rarely use freshly grated coconut because of time & convenience; usually use the frozen ones too!!! this technique is fantastic, will surely follow this method to next time, thank you for that useful post!!!

    and congratulations for the award, have a nice day!!!

  19. nice idea..i always buy frozen coconut...gotta try this...
    congrats on the award

  20. I always buy fresh coconut and break it with a hammer, but keeping in oven is a great idea..Thanks girls...
    Congrats on your award and thanks for thinking about us :-)

  21. thats a great idea!! I have stopped using freshly grated coconut ever since I came to the US. Should try this atleast once. I think Ive gotten used to the convenience of frozen ones :)

  22. What a wonderful idea...
    Do this baking affect the freshness of the coconut?Anyway i have to try it
    Wonderful blog too..Have a good collection of recipes...Keep it up guys..

  23. @Praniskitchen
    Nope the baking doesnt have an effect on the coconut.The main purpose is to pull off the shell easily..

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