Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ari Pathiri

Pathiri is like a pancake or phulka made of rice flour. It's a very popular dish from the local north Malabar region in Kerala. The word pathiri traces its origin to the Arabic word "fateerah" meaning "pastry". It's so thin and soft that it melts in your mouth and usually served with side of a non veg curry.

Prep Time: 30 mins
Rice Powder (Very finely powder) *: 1 1/4 cups 
Water: 1 cup 
Salt: to taste 
Oil/ghee: 1/2 teaspoon (optional) 
Rice flour: to dust and roll 

*We usually use the Double horse or nirapara pathiri powder. 

Boil the water. Add salt and the rice flour and continuously stir. It will be little lumpy. Turn off the heat and cover it for about 10 mins. 
Knead it thoroughly in one single stretch with your hands into a smooth dough. Most important, don't add more water or more flour because that will change the texture of the pathiri. It will roll out into a big ball which is not sticky, that's when you know you have the right dough. Heat a pan/tava. Roll into small lemon size balls. Dust in little rice flour and flatten with a rolling pin. 
You can use a small round plate to cut out perfect circles. Put it on the tava and cook on medium heat. Keep rotating with a tissue and then flip and you will see that it rises just like a phulka. 
Eat them fresh and hot with your favorite curry. Some people prefer to soak the pathiri in warm light coconut milk while serving.


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