Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ela Ada

Ela Ada  is a popular evening snack in most Kerala homes. The specialty here is that the ada (rice crepe) is steamed in the banana leaves because of which it carries a very distinct earthy flavor. The filling can be varied from aval-pazham (rice flakes-banana), chakka varatiyathu (jackfruit -jaggery) to the most simple one of jaggery and coconut.

Prep Time: 15- 20 mins


Rice Flour: 1 cup
Hot Water: 1/3 cup
Salt: a pinch

* You can make a filling of jaggery -coconut or sugar-coconut.

Jaggery (grated): 1/3 cup or Sugar :1/4 cup
Cardamom: 2 pods (powdered with little sugar)
Ghee: 1/2 teaspoon
Grated Coconut: 1/2 cup

Begin by mixing the rice flour, salt and hot water to make a soft dough as you would for making chappathis. Roll out smaller balls and keep aside. Meanwhile mix the grated coconut, grated jaggery, ghee and powdered cardamom to make the filling.Keep the banana leaves washed and ready in medium sized strips.
Slightly oil the banana leaves, press each ball individually on a leaf and flatten it evenly. Spread the filling on half the side and fold the entire banana leaf over as shown in the picture. 

The easiest way to steam these are in the Idli steam cooker. It is usually ready in 15-20 mins or until the whistle keeps blowing. Once slightly  cooled down, serve them.


  1. In Odisha we prepare something similar to this but it is wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed.

    This one looks fab ! Lovely Clicks too

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,


  2. Yeahhh... Lovely Eladas.. I made it with left over vazhayila bought for Onam... But after seeing this post, I think I will make it again...

  3. fabulous looking dessert. never had them but it looks so so good with the banana leaf texture. perfect pictures.

  4. I love ellu kozhukatai....cooking them in banana leaves adds to the taste...awesome...

    Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

  5. wow those adas looks fantastic ...never had this type of dessert before ..thanks for sharing


  6. Delicious and fantastic ela ada..makes me drool..

  7. These panckes look so delicious.I have never made them before but whta can be used instead of banana leaves I cant get them in UK?

  8. @simply.food instead of banana leaves you can use aluminium foil... We have tried it and it came out good....

  9. Beautiful pancakes! Its a very new recipe to me. I loved the banana leaf impression on the pancakes.

  10. Kandittu kothy varunu, njan ethu weekend undakiyathe ullu...ennalum onnude kittiyal kollam ketto..Kidilan...

  11. Supple and moist adais. Good authentic recipe.

  12. ela ada ende favourite annu.....my amma used to do often...looks perfect da!

  13. sherikkum drool worthy

  14. This is my fav but ahvent tried it myself have tasted once in my friends house...now I knw how to make will have to try it sometime

  15. looks very yummy..will try over the weekend!

  16. Ada looks splendid ,lovely pics.

  17. These look so good and so earthy - I'm sure they taste absolutely amazing - perfect combination of ingredients - what can go wrong? Wow!

  18. ila evidunnu kitti?? nalla adipoli ayittundu kto!!

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