Friday, May 29, 2009

Mango Cream Treat

If you are already bogged down with the summer heat, make something simple this season with its king bearing fruit, the mango. Its quick, its easy, its kid friendly and the best of all, its delicious….

Ingredients (Right for 2)
Ripe mango: 1 Big (cut up)
Cool Whip/Heavy whipping cream: 9-10 table spoons
Sugar (Depending on the sweetness of the mango): 5 table spoon
Ice cubes: 2
Begin with blending the cut mango pieces with the sugar and ice cubes in your regular mixer. If you are using cool whip, fold (Gentle mix) this pulp slowly into the cream. If you are using Heavy whipping cream, you can blend cream, mango, sugar, ice cubes all together to finally get custard like consistency. Also add finely cut mango pieces for a bite. Decorate it with some cream or anything colorful of your choice like strawberries or chocolate chips. Keep it covered in the freezer for 20-30 minutes and voila… your easy breezy mango treat is ready.


  1. Hey seems to be a treat for Mango Lovers...great work keep it up...


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